Secured Applications in Clouds

Our vision

Cloud Security Should Be Easy.

Custom Security

Security is often disregarded: too complex, too costly. At Qirinus, we believe in an automatic security management. Just give us your requirements and we do the rest!

Cloud Orchestration

We orchestrate your business deployment in the Cloud and manage its lifecycle. Just describe your business application, we do the rest.

Smart Cloud Security

Innovative ways of protecting your Cloud application.
Let's adapt the security to your Cloud application.

Started in 2015, Qirinus is a startup project supported by Inria following the Seed4C European Celtic+ Project (2012-2015).

We observed that every businesses (large or small) face two issues: the security of their business applications and the complexity of the Cloud.

In our research laboratory, the LIP (Inria/CNRS/Lyon University/ENS Lyon, France), we have envisioned new ways of adressing these issues. Our idea is simple: you tell us what you want and we do the rest.

Security has always been considered as a nice-to-have feature. But in our evolving IT landscape, this idea has shown its limits. Instead, we consider security to be a fundamental aspect of an application. Therefore, based on our research expertise, we propose to solve both application and security management problems at the same time.

Imagine having a visual dashboard to control your applications, instanciate new ones, automatically adapt your system to sustain peak demands and all those with a continuously adapting security enforcing all recommended best practices without troubling you.

If you are interested in innovative ways to ensure security and application management in Clouds, tell us here !

Our Team

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Laurent Souef

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Arnaud Lefray

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Patrick Mauge

Sales Manager
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Eddy Caron

Scientific Advisor
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Marc Pinhède

Software Engineer

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