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We offer you a new and simple way of designing secure cloud architecture. Plan, secure & deploy all your tools with one flexible suite.

You are a global system integrator service company looking for cutting edge technology?

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Stay Secured Without Headache


Our technology automatically detect security needs for your architecture and add scripts to fill these needs.


Everyone can create components for our designer. Create, share, and enchance all you want.

SaaS or On-Premise

You can use our solutions online or on your infrastructure according to your needs.

Plug it on anything

The model we created allows us to be compatible with every Cloud provider as well as infrastructure management tools.

Manage Your Deployments

One Suite - Endless Use Cases

Projet management

IQManager is the project administration tool of the solution. It allows role based management of deployments and the conversion of projects to deployment blueprint of multiple cloud management tools like Terraform, Ansible, or Cloudify.


Deployment design

IQOrchestra is a component-based designer aimed at helping devops and secops create a secure architecture that includes all the solutions you need. Each component represents a software or infrastructure brick that can be parameterized and that embeds all the security rules specific to it. IQOrchestra calculates a security layer based on the components you used and international cyber-security benchmarks.


Post-deployment security

Security does not stop at securing the infrastructure during deployment. IQWatchdog protects your infrastructure by continuously aggregating vulnerability reports impacting your architecture. It is also able to recognize textual exchanges on social networks or forums dedicated to cyber security about a potential vulnerability.

Detecting weak points

We create a mapping between the components in the designer and the underlying resources based on the MITRE D3fend™ matrix. This mapping allows us to calculate a vulnerable perimeter in your architecture when a vulnerability is detected and to take the necessary measures to mitigate it. Coupled with our security layer, we can identify the most vulnerable points in your architecture.

Secured together

Our core business at Qirinus is to give you access to secure components that allow you to create great architectures. We also believe that collaboration is a strength in cyber security. That's why we make our component creation tool available so that anyone can create and share their own secure components. Whether you're a software vendor, a cloud consumer or a security expert, everyone is welcome to collaborate.


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